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The Co/Investor Club is a community of value-oriented investors that collaborate on investment opportunities.

Joining an experienced group of industry leading investment professionals that come from various industries is a proven way to grow your money while making investing simpler.

While some investment clubs charge thousands of dollars, the Co/Investor Club is only $100 annually. The knowledge and access to the best investors granted by the club increases the odds of a successful outcome in investments.

Want to be part of a community of intelligent investors, receive expert advice and access to useful information while having some fun along the way? You’ve found what you’re looking for at Co/Investor Club.

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Benefits of Co/Investor Club
  • A community of value-oriented investors to share ideas
  • Access to deal flow alongside quality investors
  • Networking events
  • Constant access to investment research, news, and presentations

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Avenel Financial Group

Co/Investor Club is powered by Avenel Financial Group. Since 1999, Avenel has built repeated success based on a philosophy that puts creativity, trust, and value at the heart of every conversation, every interaction, and every effort we undertake for our clients.

  • Successful track record of micro-cap value funds
  • Initiated and served on the board of $200+ million private equity transactions
  • Management board roles in public companies
  • Management of university foundation and endowment boards

Based on years of experience, Avenel is a trusted partner to have in your corner as a Co/Investor. Avenel ensures that your interests are always being represented.


“I think the world’s best companies are built by fanatics. [That means that you] work day and night. Sort of don’t worry about the possibility of failure. Every setback is just something to work a little bit harder at doing. And you really know what you’re trying to achieve…. And you’re going to change your strategy until you can get that to happen.”

                    — Bill Gates